Can i change the html of the theme?

Yes you can actually change the html of the current theme.

Note: that we use a very simple template language called Mustache ( details: ).

Note: in most cases you don't need to change the templates, try peeking at the More > Style section before going the "change template" route.

Note: changing a certain template in a theme will exclude this template from automatic update. This means that new features aren't automatically applied to the changed template, mainly because there is no way of knowing what you changed. But you can always go back the the default template simple by clearing the template and saving, this will restore the default template.

After all these notes lets go and edit some templates:

  1. Go to your dashboard.
  2. More > Themes.
  3. Click the "Clone global theme" to create a clone/copy of the current theme.
  4. Give the new theme a name in the Title field and press the "Clone" button.
  5. Back in the Themes list click the new theme.
  6. As a example we will change the 404 not found page which appears when something is not found on your site:
    1. Click "Misc" tab and select "Not found".
    2. Change the text "There was a problem, for details take a peek below" in "There was a problem, for details take a look below".
    3. Press the "Change" button to save the changes.
    4. A little star (*) now appears behind the changed template, this means that this template differs from the original template.
    5. To get back the original template simply clear the entire field "Not found" field in this case and press the "Change" button, the star now dissapears and the original template is back.

That's it!

But don't forget to change your site theme: More > Settings > Theme field.

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