Dynamic content

Both Pages and Boxes can have dynamic content.

Dynamic content is content that comes from the search engine. If you for example do a search for the keyword "webinar" the search result would be links (with descriptions) to articles, topics, pages, etc that are about webinars. This search result can be added to pages and boxes.

When you specifiy what dynamic content should be added you can also specify a few addition options:

  1. Search in: restrict the search query to a specific region of your site.
  2. Maximum items to display: how many results should be displayed.
  3. Refresh interval: the search result are cached, you can specifiy after how many hours the search result will expire and new search result will be generated.
  4. Only display links, no description: if enabled the search result will only display links, description will be hidden.
  5. Highlight matched words: if enabled matched words will be marked as bold.

Dynamic content can be usefull in many cases, for example if you want a page/box that displays links to pages/articles/topics/etc on a specific subject. When you use dynamic content you don't have to manually manage (add, remove, change) the links, it will be done automatically.

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