Setup widget folder featured images

Folders can (and should  ) have featured images: Go to your dashboard and select a site. Go to "Media" > "Folders". Click a folder, click the "Image" tab and click the "Featured image". Now select a image you wish to use as featured image. Click the "[...]

24-06-2019 11:58

Setup widget galleries

Uploading images to folders does the job and creates a nice looking site. But did you know you can create galleries from the uploaded images with a few clicks. Give it a try: Go to your dashboard. Select site and click "Media". Click "Galleries". Click[...]

24-06-2019 11:55

Setup widget users

Get one (or more) of your friends to your site and suggest that they register. A registered (and logged in) user can post comments, repost images, suggest images and a lot more.  

24-06-2019 11:51

Setup widget likes

Registered users of your site can "like" images they enjoy. Tell your friends about your site and suggest they like a image. You can like a image by clicking a image and clicking the "Like" link below every image.

24-06-2019 11:49

Setup widget reposts

Did you know you can repost images from other sites to your own site? Try surfing to a site from someone else and click a image your like. Now click the "Repost" link, a little dialog will popup with all your sites and folders. Expand a site and click[...]

24-06-2019 11:47

Setup widget images

Your site has no images yet. Without images it is quite a empty site. Feel free to upload a image (or drag and drop a image from another site): Go to your dashboard. Select a site and click "Media" in left hand menu. Click the "Upload" button. Now you[...]

24-06-2019 11:40

How to moderate comments?

You can moderate comments in the More > Comments section. By default the list shows all comments, approved and unapproved. To show only unapproved check the "Show unapproved only " and press the "Filter" button. To receive a email when you need to approved[...]

16-05-2019 14:08

Disable comments?

You can disable comments on your site and/or parts of your site: go to your dashboard. More> Settings > Rights tab Check / uncheck options in the "Comments" section depending on which comments you want to enable/disable. Save Note that you can also moderate[...]

16-05-2019 14:05

Can i change the html of the theme?

Yes you can actually change the html of the current theme. Note: that we use a very simple template language called Mustache ( details: https://mustache.github.io/ ). Note: in most cases you don't need to change the templates, try peeking at the More[...]

16-05-2019 13:46

Content Not a whilelisted url?

Why do i get the "Content Not a whilelisted url?" message when posting a forum topic (or reply) with a link? Answer: To fight spammers (most of the time posting links) we only accept links that are on the "Link whiltelist". Don't worry you can change[...]

16-05-2019 13:25

My own widget with my own content?

It is indeed possible to create your own widget with your own content (text, html or anything else). Such a custom widget is called a "Box". To add a box: go to your dashboard More > Boxes Click the "Add" button, enter a "Title" for the new box. Now enter[...]

16-05-2019 13:16

Change content of sidebar?

The sidebar of your site contains one or more widgets. Widgets can be seen as little boxes of content. What content is displayed depends on the type of widget. For example the "Users" widget displays all users registered on your site. The "Recent comments[...]

16-05-2019 13:12

Change logo in header

You can (and likely should, the default logo isn't likely very appropriate) change the logo at the top of your site. It is quite easy, please follow the steps below: Go to your dashboard. Go to Media > Images and press the "Upload" button. Now upload[...]

16-05-2019 13:06

Change the background color of the header

This is quite easy: Login to your dashboard. Go to More > Styles > click "Global" tab and select "CSS". Scroll down to "Header and footer" section and click on the color picker after the "Header background color" option. Don't forget to press the "Save[...]

16-05-2019 13:05

Remove (or move) the sidebar

If you want you can remove the sidebar: go to your dashboard. More > Settings check the "Hide sidebar" option and press the "Save" button. If you would rather have a sidebar on the left: More > Style click "Global" tab > select CSS. go to the "Grid" section[...]

16-05-2019 13:03

How can i upload a image?

Uploading an image is quite easy: login your dashboard. select a site (if no site is selected). click "Media" in the left side navigation. click "Images" in the left side navigation in the "Media" section. click the "Upload" button and start picking images[...]

16-05-2019 12:59

About home widget?

A home widget is a widget which is displayed on your home page (also called front page). You can manage the home widgets for your site at "More" > "Home widgets" section. The about home widget displays the description of your site. The description of[...]

16-05-2019 12:56

Hide menu

If you have a simple site you can hide the menu: Go to your dashboard. More > Style. Click Global tab, select Header in menu. Deselect the "Show menu" option. Press "Save" button at the bottom of the page. Done!

16-05-2019 12:53

Customize menu

The default menu cannot be changed, because it is automatically updated. For example when you add something using the dashboard it is added automatically to the menu. But if you rather want to manage the menu items your self this is possibly: go the More[...]

16-05-2019 12:51

You own domain name

Did you know you can use your own domain name to access your site? Get domain and configure DNS Make sure you have your own domain name, in this example it will be "mydomain.com". You can get your own domain name with registars like godaddy.com and namecheap.com[...]

22-03-2019 16:36

Dynamic content

Both Pages and Boxes can have dynamic content. Dynamic content is content that comes from the search engine. If you for example do a search for the keyword "webinar" the search result would be links (with descriptions) to articles, topics, pages, etc[...]

22-03-2019 14:33

Dynamic content

Both Pages and Boxes can have dynamic content. Dynamic content is content that comes from the search engine. If you for example do a search for the keyword "webinar" the search result would be links (with descriptions) to articles, topics, pages, etc[...]

21-03-2019 14:42

All application related articles

Here you go: all application related articles.

21-03-2019 14:26

RE How to change the dashboard topbar color

[quote]Thumbs up! :)[/quote]Thanks joop!

20-03-2019 16:33

All application related articles

Here you go: all application related articles.

20-03-2019 14:49

BrainyRecorder help

You can use the BrainyRecorder application host webinars. The recorder will record your desktop and audio and broadcast it to users. Users will need to install/run the BrainyViewer application to see the broadcasted webinar.

20-03-2019 14:48

BrainyVidGen help

BrainyRecorder can export media (images and audio) while a webinar is broadcasted. The media is saved to your harddisk. You can use your favorite video editor to convert the images and audio to video. Or you can use the BrainyVidGen program, which is[...]

20-03-2019 14:48

How to change the dashboard topbar color

The dashboard is using bootstrap. You can generate css code that will change the topbar color at the following url: https://work.smarchal.com/twbscolor/index.php Follow these steps: Select bootstrap version 3.3.7 Pick your colors Check the "colorize dropdown[...]

19-03-2019 14:38

Where can i find images to use on my site?

Google images is a great resource for all kind of image. Please note that some images might be copyrighted.

19-03-2019 14:10

Little icons in menu?

It is possible, you can use unicode symbol characters. Just do a google search on for example "unicode home character". Next find the html entity (hex) and enter this into the menu item title field. You can use the html entity code anywhere.

19-03-2019 14:10